Farewell Adstream

Posted on September 29, 2017

I have worked for almost 2 years in Adstream where I started as a Scala Developer and I have to say that for me it has been a wonderful experience.

When I started my Scala knowledge was limited (it still is, but I want to believe that less so) and I got embarked on a bumpy ride where I had to deal with difficult code and difficult people.

After some time I took on myself by popular appointment leadership responsibilities on one of the business critical projects, and all together managed to create an excellent team which has been used as an example across the company.

We have, as a team, contributed to drive a massive change on the company culture, a lot has changed since my early days here and now I feel that Adstream is an excellent place to work that is full of opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

Sadly the time for me has come to move on, a new opportunity opened up for me out of the blue and I feel that I have to take it.

I want to give my most sincere thanks to all my friends and colleagues from Adstream because they made me really enjoy my time here, I’ll carry you with me wherever I go and I will still come around for lunch and drinks.

So long and thanks for all the fish